As it all starts with a sunrise….

Today I start my blog with this picture of a sunrise. A new dawn a new day a new beginning to reckon with.

Just be the change you want to see and see the world changing with you!


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Oh My dear Nomad!

I know you are moving to a new place,

Leaving behind all you have built

All those memories you carry on your back will weigh you down

Just lighten you baggage, O Nomad

For the times which have been, were great indeed

Let us brighten up the yores to come

A new place, a new destination

For change is inevitable

Time is potent, so is the change in your life

Let us brighten up the streets, skies and the people all along our ways

Let us make a new home for the laughter and the sorrows

Let us be the new ‘us’

For what will be left behind will never be ours

For what is to yet to come is always ours

So let us begin this journey on a happy note

With a smile on our faces

Not a single tear to be shed

New places will spring up, to provide you calm

To match your vibe and to make your smile

Cherish the moments you spend at the destination

For when Change will sweep again,

You will have to move again

For Change is the only inevitable in the World!

The Midàs Touch

You would never know what was it, which held her close to you

Would you ever remember the way she threw her hands up, when she needed you to pick her up in your arms

I wish for once you could see from her heart, take a peek inside, for what she held in her heart.

It was your Midàs touch which held her strong always.

It was not your going away which saddened her, for she knew it was the best for today.

It was when it dawned upon her that your touch would be lost for long, that a tear rolled down her face.


I know it is getting tough

I know we are not the same anymore

I know the thought of distance

Kills it to the core

Moreover my mistakes

The mistakes which i have committed

The past which still haunts us

Is fatal to the existence of love

Those mistakes i do regret

I regret being there at those moments

In those days of bright shine,

When i felt like flying in the sun

When i felt like leaving my own self

Leaving my own self at the behest of adventure

When i tried to forsake my own skin

When i tried to put me, us in danger

But now i know what i did

I realised my mistakes

I realised the pain of going away

Realised the love for you

Realised none has got stronger arms than u

To behold me like i am

To let me live, to just let me be

You are the one with that wit, and that strength

You are the only one with that smirk

The only one with the belly i love!

A Night

Night is the time when i hit the lows

It is that time of the day when cool air blows

The air wheezes past me

Making me remember those moments

The moments of joy and love

The moments i behold close to my heart

For love is no less than an art

You are the blessed artist

Framing this out of proportions,

Do you even suspect, we crossed the limits?

We broke all bounds of the frame

In which this art hard to be fixed

Now it is all eternity,

The natural, the supernatural, it is all amalgamated

This night reminds me of your smell

Of your smile, of your naught

I love to chide you but deep down i feel you the blessed kid of destiny

You are the one who can be held onto

This night makes me remember all those joyous moments

The moments which were by no means the part of night

The moments of glorious days

The night and I had a pact!

I promised the night,

I will work harder than anyone out there

I will turn up victorious, and beam with my man

The night silently wheezed by

Leaving me with a gleam!

Say something

How shall i begin?

What shall i speak?

Every word i utter seems puny

And every tear seems insignificant

You are a treasure which i have scaled

A thunderous joy out of you i bailed

How could you be so magical

That i forgot that ever it was tragical

Forever i belonged there in your heart

And for not even a second out of it i dart

Your smile makes me smile

And helps me walk one extra mile

Your love entices me to be strong

And just bellow the sorrow out of the bong

Just be there holding my hand

For your smile is a magical wand!


I now know,

My abode is, where the wayfarers stay

I now know,

My path is, where the hippies trip

I now know,

I am a tradeswoman, But mine route ain’t a silk route

I now know,

You are the hard cold breeze with no solid root

I now know,

You are a hard felt shallow Being

I now know,

Your promises were all a hiding for the blemishes

I now know,

You are not a gem, though are one of a kind.

I now know,

That It hurts to the core, to hear the word whore

I now know,

What is the pain of a poison!?

I now know,

How it feels to jump off the horizon!

I now know,

What it feels to hold a hand and the pain of Letting it Go……..


I dont wanna fight!

But that is what all there lies.

Fight your demons, instead of fighting me

Try to control ur words

Rather than trying to control me

Yes i know, you are a lot more milder,

Than i am

I am haughty, egoist and a little kid

But really i do not intend it

What i really wish for is harmony

And my words are no arrow heads

I do not wish to tear you down

But just look at me for once.

Is it really what i wanna do is you see

You support me,

You love me

And i swear by that i wanna be there with you

And every low moment of yours

And for the yores

Just hug me tight to bring me to you

For i will always stand there for you

Fight your demons

And i will ward mine off

By the guardian of my soul

River to the sea

I meander through my way, bubbling and gurgling through the towns

The river bubbled

Ye shall meander, but your path is decided you cheeky one

Answered the boisterous sea and continued

I keep you moving, I am your goal, your safe haven

So are you my goal? I believed joy is my goal

The river frowned

Come fall into me, hug me and be at peace.

I have hugged so many, i feel no urge to hug forever and safety is not my cup of tea. I dance down the risky mountains, passing through many towns, meander into flat plains. I help the people strive.

You are my love and I am your guardian, ye river you shall be back to me. For you are the gift of the mountains to me.

Ye shall be surprised to know that i know my goal but i wish to know what you hail mountains as?

Whom shall this large sea hail. For he is neither devil nor God.

I know my goal is the sea but it is not yet in sight. What if you are fooling around creating a hoax. I have been told the sea is calm yet boisterous.

Ye shall pray the wrath not fall upon you. For the anger may devoid many of their loved ones.

I am defined as the kind, the one who quenches the thirst of many but never once complain what is borne upon.

This little lady is too kind, i say. Let you be kind but do not let those vultures gorge upon you and harm you. For if my dear love is hurt, the wrath shall follow. What shall ye carry from the mountains if ye be so kind and give away all you had?

Do not be so harsh, do not be angered. It is my life to give, take is not what I am taught. I shall give until it is all gone

For ye shall give, but if you are harmed call upon your sea and me shall show all those freaks what they laid upon you.

I pray to the lord the day may soon come, the river shall meet the sea with the greatest fall.


I work harder today, coz i have you!

My dear baby i work for you

To make your days bright

To make your nights calmer

To make me love you more

To make this world all yours

I work harder and harder today to make tomorrow brighter

I work it baby to be with you tomorrow

I burn my hands today to make them able to hold you tomorrow

I just tire myself out today

To make myself able to endure it all without you

To make myself able to hold on myself

To bear my own weight when you are not there

Not there to support me

To hold me; to assure me

When you won’t be there

To make me smile: i need to learn to smile

Learn to smile without any reason

To smile just for you!

I work hard today; to make it a bed of roses

To make the path smooth for us both to walk upon!

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