As it all starts with a sunrise….

Today I start my blog with this picture of a sunrise. A new dawn a new day a new beginning to reckon with.

Just be the change you want to see and see the world changing with you!


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As it shines today

Bright and light

Rising to the clouds

It is singing its own hymns

One day it will bring

A changed air within

A sudden rise

And a great fall

All has come to a stall

With what i owe and all the respect

I look back in the memories

And into the mirror in front

I see a huge canvas of future

Let us build it together

For all the forever

Sorries is all I have

For ye shall be leaving soon

And the moment is a bane

I lost folks the last time,

This time it is way too soon

We have not even build the ladders

to the moon

It will be the hardest part to tell

For the times to come

For the moments and the talks

We left midway

Shall yearn to get completed

I will see you,

I shall talk to you

But this blow of distance

Shall be birne with hardships

The pains shall follow

The regrets may be awakened

For I have been a silly chap

Running errands alot

A feelingless bot

When the distance hit me,

It hit me hard

Turning me to a mewling shard

I shall always bow down

To the greatness of the times

I look forward to greater times!

Catchin up fast

Everything around me

Is catching up fast

The near ones, the dear ones

The far off brooks, the high held mountains

Everything is catching up fast

When i revv up my engines

The distance catches up with my speed

When i slow down my pace

The time catches up with my sluggish

I had my highs

And i had my lows

They are both not worthy of my bout

I sow in my soil the seeds of love today

For what i shall reap would be known tomorrow

I say everything catches up fast

For everything i have known has

Everything catches up fast and falls out faster

For every moment the clock ticks

The heart races, words are spoken, hymns sung

People are tricked, duped and bunged in the forlorn hopes

I wish i could be faster

But everything catches up fast

We are in the end game now

The love, euphoria, madness, distance everything is catching up faster than ever.

Deep down in my heart

There is a golden arch,

which makes me believe you will be there

in the deepest and darkest fears.

For when I will be stuck in the worst

and will be facing the emotional burst,

Deep down in my heart

I have a faith that you will cure my hurt.

The days become longer with no sight of you,

It is all parched here, tells me the drying dew.

Deep down in my heart

I have a faith that with you will come the cloud burst

And will enliven the whole drought.

for all this time the warriors have fought,

Home coming is the most beautiful part.

Deep down in my heart

I have faith that believes in you art!

Days like this

Very often I am a chirpy bird with no hinges attached

But at times I lay listless in my bed, with my body scratched

Those marks which i inflicted upon myself in irritation

For the cascade of feelings which drenched me in succession

Every time my feline alter ego does this to me

I think for hours and hours why was I chosen for this peril

The peril of my mind

The peril of my moods

Which swing like the best ride in the amusement park

It is good to ride on it

But not to become one

I someday relive those days

When you held my hand

And walked me through these perilious journeys

You made me happy back again every time with your magic wand

When i feel so low, you cheer me up

But today you are lost somewhere

Somewhere in the woods

Training yourself for a better tomorrow

And I am here longing for your return

To be reunited with your heartbeat

Days like this are meagre

But they are strewn all over the midnight sky

Like those twinkling stars on a moon less night

Days like this are thirsty to avenge

My joy, for that is their revenge

I hope for a better dawn

As this dusk goes down!

Another meet to look forward to

Every last is a new start

For you and me,

We will never part.

Love is the key

To this blissful abode

And happiness

With no hidden code,

Vanishing the emptiness

Each time we meet,

It is a new salutation

Each time we greet,

It is a new summation

Of our love

Of our feelings

Kicking us alive

Helping through healings.

Each ending

Is a new beginning.

I start blending

With you more every spring

The flowers bloom again

Each time the old ones fall out

For every smile which is feigned,

There is a full blown pout

Every finish,

Has an inception

For every joy diminished,

There is a smile of exception

Even though this is neither the last nor the end

It still hurts when you bid goodbye

You are indeed a forever friend

And i wish we always stay this way!

Sometimes when You say, Hi!

Sometimes it is not a mere meet

Its just more than that

It is fuller and greater than all others

Sometimes when you meet me

It is not just a meet

It is the amalgamation of the whole universe

The universe which is upside down at times

Breaks open in your smile

And I

I win, win the whole world

Sometimes your hugs are not the usual bear hugs

They Are the epitome of happiness in hiding

Sometimes your kisses are not just the meeting of our lips

They are the passing on of love,

And the joy we share within

Your caress, is not just a caress

It is the best thing to ever happen to me

For any longer distance i move,

You meeting me will always be a celebration!

A celebration of two hearts beating in unison

And meeting in silence!

Oh My dear Nomad!

I know you are moving to a new place,

Leaving behind all you have built

All those memories you carry on your back will weigh you down

Just lighten you baggage, O Nomad

For the times which have been, were great indeed

Let us brighten up the yores to come

A new place, a new destination

For change is inevitable

Time is potent, so is the change in your life

Let us brighten up the streets, skies and the people all along our ways

Let us make a new home for the laughter and the sorrows

Let us be the new ‘us’

For what will be left behind will never be ours

For what is to yet to come is always ours

So let us begin this journey on a happy note

With a smile on our faces

Not a single tear to be shed

New places will spring up, to provide you calm

To match your vibe and to make your smile

Cherish the moments you spend at the destination

For when Change will sweep again,

You will have to move again

For Change is the only inevitable in the World!

The Midàs Touch

You would never know what was it, which held her close to you

Would you ever remember the way she threw her hands up, when she needed you to pick her up in your arms

I wish for once you could see from her heart, take a peek inside, for what she held in her heart.

It was your Midàs touch which held her strong always.

It was not your going away which saddened her, for she knew it was the best for today.

It was when it dawned upon her that your touch would be lost for long, that a tear rolled down her face.


I know it is getting tough

I know we are not the same anymore

I know the thought of distance

Kills it to the core

Moreover my mistakes

The mistakes which i have committed

The past which still haunts us

Is fatal to the existence of love

Those mistakes i do regret

I regret being there at those moments

In those days of bright shine,

When i felt like flying in the sun

When i felt like leaving my own self

Leaving my own self at the behest of adventure

When i tried to forsake my own skin

When i tried to put me, us in danger

But now i know what i did

I realised my mistakes

I realised the pain of going away

Realised the love for you

Realised none has got stronger arms than u

To behold me like i am

To let me live, to just let me be

You are the one with that wit, and that strength

You are the only one with that smirk

The only one with the belly i love!

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